GasGroup Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

Approximately 99.96% of all Internet Sales start with a Search Engine query (0.04% of internet sales are generated by sending bulk emails). What this means is that everyone who finds your site using a Search Engine is 'virtually guaranteed' to become a customer because they were specifically looking for information pertaining to your product, goods or services. The virtual guarantee, in case you are wondering, is that people who use the Internet as part of their 'pre-purchase research' are likely to be your most educated customers & you can virtually guarantee that if the web site they find is not the most competitive & informative in it's field, they will assume that your products are likewise & click on. >>more about GASgroup >>

Can web surfers find you in their chosen Search Engine?

Search Engines use a wide array of constantly changing factors to "rank" web sites. A major factor in getting a top spot in Search Engines is to have been a quality component of the internet for many years & to have many other web sites "validating" your status as a quality domain of unique &/or ever changing information.

That's where the GASgroup comes in. Been there & have been doing that since 1998. Indeed some of the web sites with-in the GASgroup are very popular, with hundreds - in some cases, thousands, of earned off site links.

What does all this mean, & what can we do for your site?
Through years of experience & practice we have come up with a strategy to get your site to the front page of the major search engines. Depending on your business, just one sale from your site being accessed through a Search Engine could pay for all the optimization of your website.

How does this work?

Firstly we start with the 'Keywords' you feel your clients will use to find your type of business. We can help with this through our experience in web searching, reviewing your competitors, & checking similar business's. We then look at what your potential customers find with those words in the Search Engines. If the results show one or more or your competitors then you really need to employ the GASgroup SEOS.

We like to work on the three most popular Search Engines; Google, MSN & Jeeves ( Yahoo uses the same backend as Google & usually gets very similar results, & AOL is not big in Australia.) Or you can nominate others is you wish.

Once we agree on 3 keywords & the Search Engines, we go to work rewritng the code in your website & adding your website details to the GASgroup. To get your site to the front page we allow 12 weeks. This means when any 2 of the 3 keywords are typed into the Search engines, we will get your website on the first page.
* What is it worth for your business name to be on the first page of Google, MSN & Jeeves (plus dozens of others for free) ?