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Personal Design & Creation of your Webspace.

The GASgroup can, & do, work with everything from a lip stick imprint on a table napkin to fully formatted printed images or text. In all cases the original material must be converted to Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML) which is the format used on the World Wide Web. We can use material from your existing graphics portfolio, company logos, scanned photos, digital pictures & magazine articles. We can also assemble new words for you or freshen up your existing motto or slogan as part of the service.

A Web 'page' is not just one computer screenful or one page of information, it's a story, a catalogue, a billboard, a CV, & a 24/7 promotion of you and your business. It simply depends on what you want to say or what information you wish to display. Designing & constructing web sites is a process not unlike that of building & then decorating a house. Each page is an individual room with a specific function, linked by passage ways, particular attention must be given to lay out, other wise your house guests may have to find their way through the toilet in order to enter the living room!


Effective, informative graphics which are small & fast-loading is very important & part of the GASservice. Individual pages can be as simple or as complex as you wish, & include information requests, guestbooks, feedback forms & surveys. Hit counters can be provided if required to log the number of visitors to a particular page. There is no extra charge for links or graphics, but remember "real people" from all over the world can access your web zone by accident as well as intent, no one is going to read pages & pages of text on-screen or wait for that fancy slow loading whiz bang graphic or logo. (Unless you have absolutely brilliant totally original content &/or a pre-existing specific interest niche audience.)

Electronic Billboard or Upto date Catalogue?

Remember; You only get one chance to make a first impression....... Publishing to the Web is the primary function of a Web Site is to act as an econimical, globally accessible Advertising - Product Display Mechanism. This is unlike conventionally printed material in the respect that they can be changed or updated for a relatively small cost. The HTML material prepared for you by the GASgroup is your property to display wherever you wish. We will host, maintain & update your files for you for the term of the contract. The GASgroup Website & other files are stored on fast, dedicated WWW servers. These servers operate on high-bandwidth network connections 24 hours a day. All Web pages are hosted by dedicated servers based in Salt Lake City & Denver, USA.

Feel free to contact us for any further information & pricing, or to discuss how we can help you to get your specific business, product &/or service on the net.